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How is orange peel measured?

Orange peel has typically been measured using a set of standardised test panels with varying degrees of orange peel as a visual comparison.

doi panels

This method, not only being time consuming and highly subjective is also not in any way accurate as there is no real data available to identify potential problem areas in the process. Instrumental methods of providing quantitative information have evolved enabling a greater understanding of Orange Peel and its causes resulting in the creation of a new metric, DOI (Distinctness Of Image) able to express the degree of orange peel present numerically. By measuring the clarity of reflected images the smoothness of a surface can be determined. The higher the degree of orange peel present, the less defined the reflections. The Rhopoint IQ measures the DOI of a surface by quantifying the way a reflected measurement beam is spread and distorted around the specular angle.

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FAQ: How is orange peel measured?