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MFFT 90 Minimum Film Forming Temperature Instrument

  • Measures the minimum film forming temperature of water based coatings
  • Determines the MFFT of latex, emulsions and adhesives
  • -10°C to 90°C operation


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Ensure your paints and coatings perform correctly.

An accurate MFFT value allows the formulation of products that cure correctly under specified application conditions.

The Rhopoint Minimum Film Forming Temperature Bar (MFFT) is used to determine the minimum film forming temperature and white point in paint and coatings such as water based coatings, polymer dispersions, synthetic latexes and emulsion.

The MFFT also tests adhesives temperature optimisation in such areas as coalescence of water-borne adhesives and minimum temperature for epoxy resin cure.

  • Determines the MFFT (minimum film forming temperature) of latex, emulsions and adhesives
  • Easy to use touch screen programme control
  • Nickel plated copper platen with an electronically imposed temperature gradient
  • Optional results printer for printing date and time stamped MFFT results
  • -10˚C to 90˚C operation

Standard model (MFFT-90) has ten temperature programs

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Cold end ˚C -10 -5 0 5 15 23 33 43 53 63
Warm end ˚C 8 13 18 23 33 50 60 70 80 90

Find out more about MFFT in our article ‘What is MFFT?’

The MFFT Method

A dull, nickel-plated copper platen is cooled at one end electronically and warmed at the other end, while air or nitrogen is caused to flow over the surface as a uniform blanket. The air flow is from cold end to hot end.

To achieve the required uniformity, the air or gas is delivered via a very carefully designed sintered metal distribution block. The design is such that freezing does not take place at the inlet. For use with air, a drying system is incorporated into the housing together with a flow controller. The air dryer contains indicator crystals which are clearly visible in their transparent container. The complete air conditioning system is accessible at the side of the instrument.

Water at normal mains pressure removes the excess heat from the coolers. In environments where the ambient water temperature is high, Rhopoint offer a chiller / recirculating unit to reduce this temperature. Quick release couplings are provided. Water is normally drawn from a laboratory tap and the outlet is run to drain by gravity. Alarms, both audible and visible, protect the cooling water supply.

Temperature sensors are mounted at intervals under the surface of the platen, these are used to control the temperature of the platen in accordance with the chosen program. They are also used to indicate platen temperatures down the length of the bar. A hinged viewing cover over the platen provides thermal insulation while allowing visual inspection of the determination as it progresses.

The use of this instrument may involve hazardous materials and operational procedures. It is the responsibility of the user of this instrument to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

How does the MFFT work?

1. Select program

Touch-screen intuitive operation with in-built operating guide on-screen

2. Fill application cube with product

3. Move across platen and close perspex lid

4. Coalescence will show in about 90 minutes

5. Move cursor

6. Read the exact MFFT point from the display



Weight 53.7 kg
Dimensions 690 × 800 × 590 cm
Conforms to

ASTM D 2354, ISO 2115

Platen dimensions

483mm × 235mm (L × W)


4l min-1


Gravity drain inlet temperature <15°C, Mains pressure


10–120V AC, 220–240V AC

Order codes

MFFT, -10˚C to 90˚C 115V – A1212-002/115, MFFT, -10˚C to 90˚C 230V – A1212-002

Instrument Dimensions

350mm × 550mm × 610mm (H × W × D)

Instrument Weight


Commodity code

9027 8017


test 1, test 2

Erfüllt die Anforderungen vonASTM D 2354, ISO 2115
Abmessungen der Prüfplatte483 mm × 235 mm (L × B)
Luft4 l min-1 bei 100 psig
WasserNetzdruck; Schwerkraftabfluss
Eintrittstemperatur < 15 °C
Netzstromversorgung110–120 V AC oder
220–240 V AC
BestellnummerMFFT, -10 ˚C bis 90 ˚C 230 V - A1212-002
MFFT, -10 ˚C bis 90 ˚C 115 V - A1212-002/115
Abmessungen350 mm × 550 mm × 610 mm (H × B × T)
Gewicht38 kg
Verpackungsgewicht53,7 kg
Verpackungsmaße590 mm × 800 mm × 690 mm (H × B × T)
Warennummer9027 8017
Im Lieferumfang enthalten• Wasseranschlüsse
• Luftanschluss
• Zusätzliches Kieselgel
• Bedienungsanleitung
• 75 μm-Aufziehwürfel (0,003 Zoll)
Optional• Kühlaggregat – wird benötigt, wenn die Temperatur der Wasserzufuhr zum Gerät um > 20 ºC über der Zieltemperatur auf der gekühlten Seite für den gewählten Bereich liegt.
Zum Beispiel ist für den Bereich 0, -10 ºC eine Wasserzufuhr mit maximal 10 ºC erforderlich. Kann diese Wassertemperatur nicht zugeführt werden, muss das Kühlaggregat verwendet werden.
• Etikettendrucker
Extras• Kostenlose erweiterte Garantie
• Schneller und wirtschaftlicher Service durch unsere globalen akkreditierten Kalibrier- und Servicezentren. Ausführliche Informationen hierzu erhalten Sie unter www.rhopointinstruments.com/distributors/category/service-centre/

What’s in the box


  • Water connectors
  • Air connector
  • Spare silica gel
  • Manual
  • 75μm (0.003”) cube applicator

Optional extras


Required when the temperature of the water supply to the instrument is >20ºC higher than the target temperature at the cold end of the selected range. e.g. Range 0, -10ºC requires a water supply of no higher than 10ºC. If this cannot be supplied then the chiller is required. View chiller

Label printer

Print off results for use on sample bottles or your records

Cube applicators

Stainless Steel 1” cube applicator, 75 & 150 micron cuts
Stainless Steel 1” cube applicator, 50 & 100 micron cuts

Please ask for these extras in your quote request

Extended 2 Year Warranty
Customer Support

Standards & Certifications

ASTM 2354

Standard Test Method for Minimum Film Formation Temperature (MFFT) of Emulsion Vehicles

ISO 2115

Plastics — Polymer dispersions — Determination of white point temperature and minimum film-forming temperature


Paints and Coatings

The minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) of a paint or coating is the lowest temperature at which it will uniformly coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film. The standard test for determining this temperature involves using a MFFT-BAR, as specified by such standards as ASTM D 2354 and ISO 2115. The design of the Rhopoint instrument is based directly on these standards.


The MFFT of one-pack adhesives can be found in a similar way to paints and coatings. With two-pack adhesives, a strip of aluminium foil can be laid on the platen, to ease cleaning, before applying the adhesive. Two-pack adhesives do not show an MFFT, but the minimum cure temperature can be found by scraping the sample with a spatula

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MFFT 90 Minimum Film Forming Temperature Instrument