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PaintChecker Industrial Controller

  • Precision paint thickness gauge
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Fully automated

PaintChecker Industrial Controller

Whether paint, powder or glaze, rough, smooth or particularly thick, cured or immediately after application: our PaintChecker Industrial controller measures the coating thickness at up to eight points at the same time − contactless and fully automated in continuous industrial operation.

PaintChecker Industrial

The PaintChecker Industrial controller includes the driver and power supply for the sensor, stores the measurement configuration and manages the data flow to the plant control system. The controller is mounted in a robust, dust-proof aluminium housing and comes in different versions for laser and LED sensors. It is connected to the sensor via a flexible cable and can also be mounted remotely. A serial interface and a ProfinetIO connection are integrated for communication with the PC and system PLC

The PaintChecker Industrial models support multi-point measurements with up to 8 sensors. They acquire all measurement points at the same time and evaluate them simultaneously. Measurements on multiple parts or different part positions are performed in a fraction of the time without cost-intensive automatic movement systems. This is a very cost-effective way to reduce throughput times in automated production lines. All sensors of the laser, LED or high-power series can be combined with the respective PaintChecker Industrial model.

PaintChecker Industrial high-power models

The high-power versions of the controllers are recommended for measurements on thick layers with high glass or ceramic content, The otherwise functionally identical OptiSense high-power controllers have a reinforced power supply unit. In addition to the higher excitation power, the associated high-power sensors have a larger measuring distance and a higher energy density, thus simplifying the positioning of the part during the measurement.


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PaintChecker Industrial Controller