Rhopoint IQ Flex 20
Rhopoint ID with screen - Lower
Tri Gloss Glossmeter

Novo-Gloss ( Tri-Gloss 20/60/85°) - The ultimate glossmeter. Suitable for measuring the gloss of matt to mirror surface finishes.

Rhopoint IQ

Rhopoint IQ - Profile how light reflects from a surface. Evaluate surface finish: Gloss, haze, and Distinctness of image ( DOI ) with one click.

IQ FLex 20

Novo Gloss ( Single 60° ) - The ultimate glossmeter for all general gloss applications.

IQ-Flex 20 - Gloss, Haze and DOI measurement of small and curved surfaces

Concrete Clarity Meter

Novo Gloss ( Single 60° ) - The ultimate glossmeter for all general gloss applications.

Concrete Clarity Meter - Measure the DOI, Haze and Gloss of Polished Concrete

Novo-Shade Duo Plus Reflectometer

Novo-Shade Duo - Measures the shade and hiding power of paints, inks and coatings.

NG Flex 60 Gloss Meter

Novo-Gloss Flex 60 Gloss-meter - Measures small surface areas, curved and hard to reach surfaces

NOVO-GLOSS™Rhopoint Star

Test instruments for the inspection of surfaces.

Products range from glossmeters for measuring how shiny a surface is, to gloss-haze-DOI meters for measuring orange peel and fine surface texture, through to the Optimap PSD for mapping surface finish and quantifying surface defects on low to high gloss surfaces

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Rhopoint Novo Gloss 20°/60°/85° - Gloss and Haze Meter

Featured Product

The Novo-Gloss Trio glossmeter is the ideal choice for the measurement of gloss of flat surfaces. Measuring at 20,60 and 85⁰ (high, mid and low gloss finishes), the gloss meter features on-board statistics, rapid data transfer, CSV data output, pass/fail, user definable batches and analysis software included in the price.


A glossmeter (also gloss meter) is an instrument which is used to measure the specular reflection (gloss) of a surface. Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle.

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