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The Rhopoint ID Transparent Appearance Analysis Meter

Advanced and complete analysis of transparent appearance.

Novo-Gloss Trio Glossmeter 20/60/85°

Ideal for gloss measurements of all surfaces and is suitable for matt to mirror gloss surfaces.

Hanatek Carton Force Analyser (CFA)

Measures the forces that limit the running speed of folding box board packaging.

Flow cups

Accurately measure the viscosity of paints, inks, varnishes and similar products.

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Ensure your instrument is giving accurate results by sending off for calibration via one of our global accreditation centres.


Rhopoint Instruments Ltd is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Assurance, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems and is a member of the British Coatings Federation (BCF).

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Answers to common questions about our instruments and measurements

Why measure gloss?

Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of objects that is as important as colour when considering the psychological impact of products on a

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What is RSpec?

RSpec is the peak reflectance measured over a very narrow angular band in the specular direction (+/-) 0.0991º. RSpec is very sensitive to any texture

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