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Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST) - Product Image
Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST) - Product Image
FST infographic
Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)
Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)
Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)
Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)
Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)
Industries & Applications
  • Packaging
  • Plastics

Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)

  • Determines quality of cast and blown films
  • Measures unrestrained film shrinkage
  • Simple laboratory test


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The Hanatek FST Film Shrink Tester is used to measure the effect of temperature on plastic films.

The application of heat causes certain plastic films to rapidly contract; this effect can be used to seal and pack many items from food to consumer goods.

The shrink effect is due to internal forces locked into the film during manufacture being released by heating, it is also known as linear thermal shrink or free shrink.

The amount of shrinkage is dependent on the film type, thickness and sealing temperature.

Testing the percentage shrink of a film ensures that it is suitable for a particular packaging application and establishes the correct temperature for that application.

Film Shrinkage Tester Features

Fast efficient testing

Fast and accurate hotplate control allows a film shrink test to be performed in minutes.

Easy determination of percentage film shrink

The easy to read, back lit scale allows percentage shrink to be easily determined.

Why is film shrinkage important?

Film shrinkage is important to industry as blown films are often heat treated to form protective packaging for perishable food or manufactured products.

Blown plastic films contract when heated, this effect is used to seal or protect food or industrial products. In contrast a film that exhibits too much shrinkage may distort a product or form a weak functional barrier.

The Hanatek film shrink tester is used to measure the effect of temperature on blown films.




ASTM D2732 Standard Test Method for Unrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastic Film and Sheeting (results are comparable with this standard)


LCD with set point and actual temperature reading

Temperature Range

40°C – 200°C

Temperature Accuracy



Lapse timer with alarm, registers overshoot


120mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 270mm (D)



Packed Weight


Commodity Code

9027 8045 60

Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)

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Hanatek Film Shrink Tester (FST)