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Hanatek Crease & Board Stiffness Tester (CBT1)

  • Measure crease recovery – BS 6965
  • Measure board stiffness: ISO 2493
  • Instant display of crease to board stiffness ratio
Industries & Applications
  • Cartonboard
  • Packaging

Who measures board stiffness and crease resistance?

Board stiffness and crease resistance are important measures that indicate how a finished carton will run on an automated glueing, filling or packaging line.

Substrate manufacturers, printers, converters and any manufacturer who fill or pack products in cartons can use this measurement to optimise production.

QA departments use these instruments to check the running attributes of finished cartons prior to conversion and filling, reducing lost production time from slow running or difficult to convert packaging.

Carton manufacturers and designers can use a Crease and Board Stiffness Tester with a Hanatek Carton Crease Proofer to test different substrate and crease combinations in the laboratory without committing valuable production time.

Measurement Benefits

  • Manufacture consistent product
  • Increase production
  • Increase product quality
  • Increase packaging speed
  • Optimise production process

Why is board stiffness and crease resistance testing important?

A printed sheet or roll of carton board is die-cut and creased into a preformed carton board blank. This blank is then often glued and erected before being filled on an automated packaging line, these processes all interact mechanically with the blank to convert it into a three dimensional object.


Dimensional Strength

It is also important that the finished material has the required dimensional strength to hold and protect the packaged product.

CBT1 crease resistance

Stiffness and Crease Resistance

Board stiffness test and crease resistance testing are important parameters that help determine maximum conversion and packaging speeds, they can also be related to the final dimensional stability of the finished product.

Board stiffness is determined by the physical makeup of the substrate i.e. - its thickness, fibre mix, coating and manufacturing method. It is determined by measuring the resistance of a cut sample to a force applied through a pre-determined angle.

CBT1 Speed Action

Maximum Speed

To be most cost effective, it is important this conversion is performed at the maximum speed possible without causing mis-feed and blockages in the process.

Making a crease diagram

Crease resistance is a similar measure of resistance which is made across a preformed crease in the carton blank.

Features and applications

The Hanatek CBT1 Crease and Board Stiffness Tester gives board manufacturers, printers and packing companies the ability to predict the ‘runability’ of a sample board or finished carton.

CBT1 left view
Touch sensitive buttons
Stiffness jaw
Crease jaw

Automatic dwell time

15 second measurement delay to eliminate operator variability (according to BS 6965).

Automatic stiffness and crease ratio

Results calculated and displayed instantly on screen.

Automatic statistical calculation

Full statistics are displayed for both crease recovery and board stiffness.

Test types

Making a Board Stiffness Test

Board stiffness is measured on a sample 70 mm x 38mm in size. Board stiffness differs slightly according to whether it is tested with the liner on the side touching the load bar, or on the other side.

CBT1 15 deg stiffness
15° Board Stiffness

The board direction required for test should run along the 70mm length of the specimen. A number of samples should be tested in each direction. It is recommended that you test MD and CD separately to get accurate results and a crease to board
stiffness ratio.

Sample Testing CBT1
Sample preparation

Making a Crease Stiffness Test

The size of a standard BS6965 crease sample is 38x38mm with the crease line 13mm in from one edge. The CBT1 instrument is designed to test crease samples of the above size only.

CBT1 90 deg crease
90° Crease Recovery

The diagram illustrates MD and CD samples with creases across them, as will be required for crease stiffness testing.

Sample Testing CBT1
Sample preparation


The Hanatek CBT1 tester automatically calculates the Crease/Board stiffness ratio for quick and easy analysis of results.

CBT1 screen

Export to USB Stick

Measurements made using the CBT1 can be exported to a USB stick via interface software. The data can be transferred to the USB stick. All measured and calculated parameters are exported in .csv file format, as shown below:

Export to Results Printer

Using a custom data cable and pre-programmed label printer the results from the CBT1 instrument can be sent directly to a label printer.

CFT accessories - printer
CBT1 test results


The package includes

CBT1 product image
CBT1 instrument with test jaws
CFA certificate of conformity
UKAS traceable calibration certificate
CBT1 accessories
2 x Sample templates
CBT1 accessories
USB & Data cable

Optional Extras

Corner creaser
Rounded corner jaw
CFT accessories - printer
Result printer

Sample preparation

Universal Sample Cutter

Sample preparation is easy with the Hanatek universal sample cutter.

Sample Cutter

Dedicated Crease & Board Sample Cutter

Prepare crease and stiffness samples.


BS 6965Creasing properties of carton boardMethod for determination of crease recovery (spring back) of 90° fold
BS 3748Carton boardMethod for determination of resistance to bending of paper and board
(15" Only)
Paper and boardBending resistance of paper and paper board by single-point bending method
BS ISO 2493
Paper and boardDetermination of bending resistance
SCAN P29Paper and boardBending resistance
PMI 068Philip MorrisDetermination of the spring-back force of packaging materials
Instrument Information
Range0 - 450gf
CertificateUKAS traceable calibration certificate
Power110/240v 50/60Hz
Dimension & Weights
Dimensions230mm (H) x 175mm (W) x 250mm (D)
Instrument Weight7.6kg
Packed Weight10kg
Commodity Code9024 8000
Order Codes
Dedicated Crease & Board Sample CutterHAN-B9100SAMPLE
Universal Sample Cutter
Crease & Board to BS6965 & ISO2493
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Free extended 2 year warranty: Requires registration at within 28 days of purchase. Without registration, 1 year standard warranty applies.

Calibration and service

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