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Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter (USC)

  • Configurable for multiple test types e.g. friction, grammage, rub
  • Suitable for film, paper, foils etc
  • Same accuracy independent of operator
  • Repeatable, time saving
Industries & Applications
  • Cartonboard
  • Packaging
  • Paper

The Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter has been designed for the simple cutting of samples for the packaging laboratory.

Variety of Substrates and Test Types

Suitable for a variety of substrates including those that are hard to cut with traditional cutters.

  • Film, down to 6μm
  • Tissue
  • Paper
  • Carton boards
  • Foils
  • Laminate
USC samples


Save valuable time by preparing multiple samples simultaneously.

Cost Effective

The USC uses interchangeable dies to suit different test types. Simply purchase a new die for the test type required.


Increase operator safety – no knives required.

USC samples

Custom Dies

Using a custom die is the fastest way to prepare samples for multiple test types. From a single sheet of material, samples can be prepared accurately and quickly.

USC dies
1 or 2 of the same shape.
USC dies
Up to 5 shapes of different sizes.
USC samples
More than 5 different sized shapes or additional punched holes within shapes.
USC dies
Crease and stiffness samples for a given pack size. Uses ejector pins for alignment.

Standard Dies

We have standard dies available to cut samples for most test types including:



Small Die

USC dies

Large Die


Samples produced are always to specification independent of operator.

  • Accurate
  • Repeatable
  • Reliable

Substrates & Standards

The USC is suitable for cutting a variety of substrates from 6μm to 250μm.


Instrument Specifications
Material thickness6μm to 250μm
Applied pressure during cut2 psi
Maximum sample area (Large DIE)340mm x 180mm
Maximum sample area (Small DIE)180mm x 140mm
Dimension & Weights
Dimensions200mm (H) x 560mm (W) x 390mm (D)
Packed Weight14kg
Packed Dimensions360mm (H) x 650mm (W) x 500mm (D)
Commodity Code9024 9000
All dies include a traceable calibration certificate
Order Codes
Universal Sample CutterRL-B80-001
Die - Crease & Board to BS6965RL-B-CUTTER/CARTON
Die - Friction to ASTM D1894 / ISO 8925 (FILM)RL-B-CUTTER/FRICTION FILM
Die - Friction to ASTM D1894 / ISO 8925 (BOARD)RL-H-CUTTER/FRICTION-CFT
Die - Rub testing to BS3110RL-B-CUTTER/RUB
Die - Grammage testing to ASTM D646RL-B-CUTTER/GRAMMAGE
Bespoke cutter die - 1 or 2 of the same shapeRL-H-CUTTER/CUSTOM
Bespoke cutter die - Up to 5 shapes of different sizesRL-H-CUTTER/CUSTOM-2
Bespoke cutter die - More than 5 different sized shapes
or additional punched holes within shapes
Bespoke cutter die - Crease and stiffness samples for a
given pack size (Uses ejector pins for alignment)
Free extended warranty

Free extended 2 year warranty: Requires registration at within 28 days of purchase. Without registration, 1 year standard warranty applies.

Calibration and service

Fast and economic service via our global network of accredited calibration and service centres. Please visit for detailed information.

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