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Gloss, Haze & DOI

IQ product

Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85 Gloss Haze DOI Meter

  • 20/60/85° gloss meter for matt to mirror finishes
  • Haze and DOI measurement to ASTM E430
  • To ensure accurate and reliable results, the Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85 Gloss Haze DOI Meter is supplied with standards calibrated and certified according to ISO 17025 UKAS
  • Why should I buy an IQ and not a standard glossmeter?

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Why measure gloss?

Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of objects that is as important as colour when considering the psychological impact of products on a

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What is RSpec?

RSpec is the peak reflectance measured over a very narrow angular band in the specular direction (+/-) 0.0991º. RSpec is very sensitive to any texture

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