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DIN 53211 Viscosity Flow Cup

  • 2mm – 8mm orifice diameter
  • 15 – 3000 cSt viscosity range
  • Supplied with a certificate of conformity
  • Sheen 404/2, 404/4, 404/6 & 404/8 equivalent


Viscosity Flow Cups

The Rhopoint Flow Cups are designed to accurately measure the viscosity of paints, inks, varnishes and similar products.

What is viscosity?

The term “viscosity” is a parameter that describes a fluids resistance to flow. This resistance is a measure of the friction and the forces of interaction between the layers of a fluid. This friction is apparent when one layer of fluid is made to move against another The greater the friction, the greater the amount of force required to cause the movement – known as “shear”.

The process of flow through an orifice can often be used as a relative measurement and classification of viscosity. This measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds of flow time which can be converted into centistokes (cSt) using a viscosity calculator.

Flow cup cross section diagram

Manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy with stainless steel orifices (where indicated), the Rhopoint Flow Cups are available with a range of UKAS / ISO 17025 certified standard oils to confirm the flow cup is measuring within specification.

Paint pouring into a paint can - Flow cup measurement
Varnish being brushed onto wood - Flow cup measurement
Printing ink being tested for viscosity - Flow cup measurement


Instrument Information
MaterialHigh grade aluminium alloy, stainless steel orifice
Commodity Code9027 8091
Weight200 - 300g (depending on model)
ProductOrder codeOrifice diameterViscosity rangeFlow times
DIN flow cup Din Flow Cup (2mm) - DIN 53211RL-A-FC-DIN22mm (0.08”)5 - 30cSt25s - 150s
DIN flow cup Din Flow Cup (4mm) - DIN 53211RL-A-FC-DIN44mm (0.16”)112 - 685cSt25s - 150s
DIN flow cup Din Flow Cup (6mm) - DIN 53211RL-A-FC-DIN66mm (0.24”)550 - 1500cSt25s - 150s
DIN flow cup Din Flow Cup (8mm) - DIN 53211RL-A-FC-DIN88mm (0.31”)1200 - 3000cSt25s - 150s
DIN flow cup The orifices are manufactured from stainless steel.(approximately)


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DIN 53211 Viscosity Flow Cup