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Universal Friction Tester (UFT)

  • Static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  • Fast, repeatable measurements
  • Includes peel, tear and seal integrity tests
  • Slip & Friction FAQs
Industries & Applications
  • Cartonboard
  • Nonwoven
  • Packaging
  • Paper

Who measures slip/friction?

Friction testing is used in the packaging industry to measure the slip resistance of a product, with the aim of predicting feed and running speed on an automatic glueing, erecting, filling or packaging line.

Friction parameters help the manufacturer understand how the finish of the blown film or printed carton can influence the feeding and running speeds. Surface
slip is a key factor when printing, erecting or filling packaging materials on an automatic line.

What is slip/friction?

A product’s slip resistance is characterised by it’s coefficients of friction (COF):

Static COF = Fs/N
Dynamic COF = Fd/N

Where Fs is the maximum static frictional force and the Fd is the average dynamic frictional force. N is the Normal force, i.e. the force of gravity acting on the sample and test sled.

In practical terms, the static slip relates to the force required to get two resting surfaces moving, dynamic slip is the smaller force that is required to keep the surfaces moving once this initial “inertia” is overcome.
These values are expressed as ratios and do not have units, they are usually quoted as a decimal value between 0 and 1.

How can Coefficient of Friction Values Relate to Packaging Speeds?

COF can often be related to the feeding and running attributes of products, for instance UV varnished food cartons have a slip coefficient that is related to the formulation of the UV coating its cure and film weight.

Cartons that have a very low static coefficient of friction may have handling difficulties as they will tend to slide apart and are difficult to place into feeding hoppers.

In contrast, products which have a high COF will tend to stick together and can be prone to misfeeding due to multiple cartons entering the packaging line at once.

Universal Friction Tester Features

The Universal friction tester allows the user to test static and dynamic coefficient of friction with minimal training. Ultra-repeatable static COF; automatic sled placement with variable dwell times.

Universal Friction Tester - Initial sled placement
Initial sled placement
Universal Friction Tester - Placement pins retract into the instrument; the test is ready to begin
Placement pins retract into the instrument; the test is ready to begin



  • The sled is placed in exactly the same position each time the test is run.
  • The user-defined dwell time controls the blocking effect of tackier films.
  • Controlling the above ensures repeatable static COF results, independent of the operator.
Universal Friction Tester - Fixed linking

A fixed link between the sled and the load cell means that there are no errors in friction from pulley wheels or cords associated with other measuring instruments.

Touch screen interface

The UFT uses an intuitive touch screen user interface making it accessible and easy to use.

Universal Friction Tester - Touch screen display

Quality Assurance (QA)

Pre-loaded ISO/ASTM/friction test methods with the option to create a custom test.

Universal Friction Tester - Touch screen display

The UFT sled design makes the loading of film samples ultra-easy

Universal Friction Tester - Package

Universal Friction Tester – Instrument

This standalone instrument is designed for simple QA testing of static and dynamic COF. The instrument is preloaded with ISO/ASTM/friction test methods with the option to create a custom test. Included in the package are the attachments for performing peel, tear and seal strength tests.




UFT Lab Software

Optional full analysis software allows for detailed statistical and graphical analysis of results, full PDF reporting and the creation of custom test routines.

Additional test types

Peel Testing

Included attachments transform the UFT into a precision peel test instrument, accurately measuring the force required to separate glued or laminated films, tapes, labels etc.

  • All tests are to FINAT international standards
  • T-Peel, 180° peel or 90° peel tests

Tear Testing – Substrate Strength

Included tear strength attachment allows the user to measure and control tear strength to international standards.

  • Trouser tear method

Seal integrity test

Included test attachments for testing seal integrity of films or laminates.

Software (optional)

Easy to use software allows the user to change the configuration of the UFT instrument COF produces detailed force graphs that can be saved and compared.


The Universal Friction Tester software features graphical reporting of results and allows unlimited custom test routines to be created in minutes. Tolerances for both static and dynamic COF can be set for each test routine allowing for easy identification of non-conformances.

Analysis of Results

Multiple tests can be run per file and a graphical trace given for each. A master or reference file for the material can be overlaid to give a quick visual comparison of batch to batch consistency and quality.

Test Results in PDF Format

Full graphical and statistical analysis of test results can be printed to PDF for easy reporting.

Customer branding

The logo at the top of the report can be customised to reflect customer own branding.


The Universal Friction Tester (UFT) produces detailed fingerprints of new substrates, coatings and production samples. These characteristics can be saved and compared at any time allowing the manufacturer to specify the optimum surface finish for any packaging process.
Print industry
Packaging industry


The Universal Friction Tester (UFT) allows the user to measure and store the full force curve which graphically illustrates the frictional characteristics in addition to providing the static and dynamic COF values.


Order CodeDescriptionSize
HAN-B6060-010UFT friction template - board63.5 x 63.5mm
HAN-B6060-011UFT friction template - film63.5 x 148mm
HAN-B6060-012UFT peel and seal strength template25 x 200mm
HAN-B6060-013UFT tear template50 x 175mm
HAN-B6060-014UFT seal strength template 215 x 200mm
HAN-B6060-015UFT seal strength template 325.4 x 200mm
RL-B80-001Universal roller sample cutter (requires a die, select from below options)
RL-B-CUTTER/FRICTIONCutter die - friction - for use with carton & board
RL-B-CUTTER/FRICTION-PLASTCutter die - friction - for use with plastics

Included Accessories:

  • Sample securing magnets
  • 2 x Sample clamps
  • 1 x 100g calibration check weight
  • 1 x Calibration attachment with fixing attachments
  • Traceable calibration certificate

Optional Accessories:

Optional Accessory

Simple sample preparation with the Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter (USC) The Hanatek USC has been designed for the simple cutting of samples for the packaging industry. Additional Dies can be configured to cut samples for most test types including: friction, tensile, grammage, O2 permeability, CO2 permeability, WVTR, rub resistance, carton crease, carton stiffness and many more.


Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 330 × 400 × 160 cm
ISO 8295Plastics - film and sheetingDetermination of the coefficients of friction
ASTM D1894Plastics - film and sheetingStandard test method for static and dynamic coefficients of friction
TAPPI 549 Printing paperCoefficients of static and dynamic friction of uncoated writing and printing paper by use of the horizontal plane method
ASTM D2534Wax coatingStandard test method for coefficient of dynamic friction for wax coatings
ASTM D3330TapeStandard test method for peel adhesion of pressure sensitive tape
FTM1FINATPeel testTest method no. 1, Peel adhesion (180°) at 300mm per minute
FTM2FINATPeel testTest method no. 2, Peel adhesion (90°) at 300mm per minute
FTM3FINAT AdhesionTest method no. 3, Low speed release force
FTM21FINATAdhesionTest method no. 21, Ink Adhesion - basic
ISO 6383TextileDetermination of tear resistance -- Part 1: Trouser tear method
ASTM F88SealStandard test method for seal strength of flexible barrier materials
Instrument SpecificationDetails
Resolution0.1g / 0.001 COF
Sleds200g, Other sled weights by request. Custom sled base materials available
SpeedUser definable, 100 - 1200mm/min
Dwell TimeUser definable, 0-90 seconds
Test distanceUser definable, up to 200mm
Power110/240v 50/60Hz
Load cell capacity30N
Size(H) 160mm x (W) 400mm x (D) 330mm
Net weight6.5kg
Gross weight10kg
Touch Screen PC Information
HAN-A6060FRICTIONUniversal Friction Tester
Includes peel, tear and seal test attachments
HAN-B6060-001UFT Lab software package, includes USB-Network adapter and network cable
Free extended warranty

Free extended 2 year warranty: Requires registration at within 28 days of purchase. Without registration, 1 year standard warranty applies.

Calibration and service

Fast and economic service via our global network of accredited calibration and service centres. Please visit for detailed information.




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