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LITEsurf Roughness Tester
LITEsurf Roughness Tester
LITEsurf Roughness Tester
LITEsurf Roughness Tester
LITEsurf Roughness Tester
LITEsurf Roughness Tester

LITEsurf Roughness Tester

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Introducing the NEW LITEsurf roughness tester for production areas.

Compactness, robustness, ease of use and clarity of the results make LITEsurf the ideal choice for roughness characterisation.

Why choose LITEsurf

Connectivity: The new LITEsurf, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and USB connection, allows you to connect the smartphones, tablets and PCs in an intuitive and fast way, then sharing information with the rest of the world.

Flexibility: Measure zones horizontally, vertically, up / down or sideways. Through the probe rotatable laterally by 90 ° and to the balanced and preloaded sensor, each area of the piece can be measured.

Robustness: The LITEsurf has a light alloy body machined from solid combined with a PC / ABS body that guarantee high rigidity with high impact resistance. The instrument withstands bumps and accidental falls inevitable in normal use in production.

Reporting: Generate customised reports with company logo, description, notes and even a photo of the measured detail and save them in a standard format such as in PDF or Excel for easy sharing and archiving. LITEsurf by connecting to an external device such as your Smartphone or tablet on which the free “Roughness studio base” APP is installed, can do all this with ease.

Battery life: A sophisticated charge management system has been integrated into the LITEsurf which performs a full charge in 50 minutes, guaranteeing 10 hours of work and at least 300 roughness measurements.

The LITEsurf is charged via USB type cable



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LITEsurf Roughness Tester