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Precision Thickness Measurement

Thickness is a key parameter for many manufacturers as it affects the functionality, quality and cost of finished products.

Functionality- Raw material thickness directly influences the physical properties of a product. Important examples include;

  • Tensile strength of textiles, plastic films, paper and tissue.
  • Rigidity of plastic film, and cardboard packaging.
  • Barrier properties of plastic films.
  • Puncture resistance of plastic microwaveable containers.
  • Opacity of inks, coatings, plastic film and paper.

Quality- Thickness should be controlled to ensure batch consistency and ensure products have the correct tactile “feel”.

  • High-quality goods are packaged in robust high gauge materials.
  • Quality toilet tissue, baby wipes, and kitchen paper are supplied thicker and stronger.
  • Thicker, heavier paper is used for certificates, brochures and art supplies.

Cost-Using a low accuracy gauge inevitably leads to the supply of goods that are above or below thickness tolerance.

  • Out of tolerance material can be rejected by customers leading to huge re-working costs and loss of credibility.
  • A few microns saving in reduced thickness can equate to tens of thousands of Dollars/Pounds/Euros of raw material savings in a relatively short period.

The FT3 thickness gauge allows product to be manufactured within tight tolerances targeted right in the middle of a customer’s specification.

  • The high accuracy and resolution give absolute confidence that material is always supplied within customer requirements.
  • A high confidence in results often allows tighter manufacture control and a reduction in raw material use. Raw material savings can pay for the gauge in a matter of weeks or months.
  • Securely date and time-stamped result labels can be attached to retained samples or job sheets giving absolute confidence that a product has been tested throughout its production run.

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FAQ: Precision Thickness Measurement