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Customs Procedures for Returning Goods from outside the UK

Inward Processing (IP) Authorisation

A new Inward Processing (IP) authorisation came into effect on the 15th October. 

This authorisation outlines an updated procedure for the return of instruments for repair or recalibration from customers outside the UK. This procedure is similar to our previous IP process with a new number that needs changing in your records.

This procedure is put in place by customs and allows an instrument to be returned to Rhopoint Instruments in England on a temporary 3 month basis without tax and duties being incurred by either party.

By this letter, we confirm that you, our agent/distributor can act on our behalf to declare your repairs and/or recalibrations be returned to us under our IP authorisation number.

To benefit from this exemption, this procedure needs to be followed exactly when sending the goods back to Rhopoint Instruments.

The following items must be clearly stated on the shipping invoice:

• Customs Procedure Code 51 00 000 – (this is the code that lets customs know that the goods are to be bought in under IP).

• Rhopoint Instruments’ IP authorisation number IP/0922/651/25 (this replaces any other numbers given for Rhopoint Instruments.

• A declared true and realistic value of the instrument(s) being sent back. This needs to be similar to the value that the instrument(s) were originally bought for if not the exact value. Knowingly declaring a low value on the goods does in fact make you liable for customs prosecution.

•The goods are being returned to the UK manufacturer for repair and a temporary import. All shipments need to use DAP or DDP incoterms.

• The commodity codes for the instrument(s) on all customs and shipping documents used – the correct commodity codes can be found on Rhopoint original invoices or product datasheets.

• The RMA number on the paperwork returned with the instrument. This number is obtained from our Service Department prior to returning any goods and is used to reference the allocated case file on our system.

When requesting an RMA, please provide: Instrument type, serial number and a description of any fault(s)

All instruments returned for repair or recalibration should include accessories such as cases, chargers, adaptors, calibration artefacts.

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