Automotive Exterior

Novo-Gloss Trio 20/60/85 Glossmeter

  • 20/60/85° low cost glossmeter for all gloss applications
  • Rapid data transfer
  • Single button push initiates measurement of all parameters
  • Pass / Fail for easy identification of non-conformances

IQ Flex 20

Rhopoint IQ Flex 20

  • Measure small and curved surfaces using 20° angle (high gloss)
  • Gloss /DOI / RIQ Meter, (quantify orange peel)
  • Hazemeter (reflectance haze)
  • Custom adaptors available for the measurement of non-flat surfaces

Optimap 3 product

Optimap PSD

  • Map and measure surface finish with the the Optimap3-PSD
  • Characterization of common surface irregularities including defects, waviness and roughness
  • Suitable for all finishes, from matt to mirror
  • On-screen image analysis