MFFT ( Minimum Film Forming Temperature)

What is MFFT?

Minimum Film Forming Temperature ( MFFT ) is the lowest temperature at which a latex, emulsion or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film. An accurate MFFT value allows the formulation of products that cure correctly under specified application conditions.

How can I check the MFFT is operating at the correct temperature?

Simply place the instrument on range one, allow the platen to stabilise and take note of the temperatures between point 1 and 10. Point 1 should read -5°C and point 10 should read 13°C There should be an even gradient between all points.

How do I use the measurement probe to rest the temperatures on the MFFT?

To get a reading which closely matches the output of the MFFT instrument, place the probe on the place you want to measure. Completely cover the bead in a heat conductive compound such as Dow Corning 340 heat sink compound (Farnell Part No: 101-685). Any differences you get will be due to the heat conductive properties of the compound not the operation of the device.

Do I need to Calibrate the MFFT?

The instrument operation is governed by 10 precision thermistor beads which are embedded in the plate in positions that respond to positions 1 – 10 on the read out guide.

The output of these thermistors is reference to precision resistors which are extremely stable with time and different ambient conditions

It is because of this the instrument is completely self calibrating and regulating

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