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Novo-Curve Glossmeter


24 Month Warranty Icon
  • Benchtop glossmeter
  • Measures at 60°, suitable for all gloss levels
  • Measure curved surfaces
  • Measure small surfaces

The Novo-Curve glossmeter is a unique tool with is specially designed optics for accurately measuring small areas and curved surfaces. It can be used to measure flat surfaces and areas which are too small to measure with standard glossmeters. It comes with a built in statistical analysis and also the ability to download results to a PC.  This instrument has all the features required  for fast, accurate curved surface gloss measurement.

Novo-Curve Features

  • Measures curved AND flat surfaces
  • Measures using the 60º geometry
  • Hands free operation, easy sample manipulation
  • Constant read feature
  • Extended two year warranty
  • Measure small, curved or irregular sufaces
  • Simple jigging system
  • Bench top instrument
  • Full statistical analysis
  • Measures matt to mirror finish
  • Download, analyse and store readings in Novo-Soft
  • Accurate and reliable


Simple checking of curved surfaces. On a curved surface, the correct gloss value is measured by the peak value identified on the sample. By using the continuous read mode on the Novo-Curve simplifies this process greatly.
Hands free sample measurement The included footswitch enables the user to manipulate the sample for measurement easily.
Repeatable sample positioning Bespoke sample securing systems allow multiple samples to be measured in exactly the same place.
Statistical analysis of results On-board stats analysis of batch readings (max, min, mean, SD and CV).
Detailed analysis of results USB data transfer of results to Novo-Soft™ for further analysis and export to CSV.
Certainty of measurement Calibrating on a standard that matches closest to your sample gives improved gloss control.
Additional standards are available from matt to mirror finish with optional UKAS / ISO 17025 certification.

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