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Novo-Shade Duo


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  • Rhopoint star bullet point Measure opacity (hiding power)
  • Rhopoint star bullet point Suitable for measuring coatings or plastic films
  • Rhopoint star bullet point Measures shade on grayscale

The Novo-Shade Duo combines 3 measuring instruments in one:

Opacity meter, shade meter and cleanliness meter

Opacity This is used for measuring the hiding power of a coating or plastic film Shade Measure the shade of surface on a greyscale Cleanliness Measure the substrate cleanliness or oxidisation of a surface Features:

  • Measures using the 0/45° geometry
  • Fast measurement, single button push initiates measures of defined parameters
  • Shade measurement displayed instantly on screen
  • Automatic calculation of opacity and cleanliness
  • On-board statistical analysis with graphical trend analysis (graphs available in shade mode only)
  • Direct data input via Bluetooth ? instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Date and time stamped results
  • Automatic calibration with tile validation
  • Compatible with all major international standards


Novo Shade Duo measures the shade of a coating
Fast measurement
Shade and opacity meter stats screen
On-board statistics

Graph - measuring the shade of a coating
Trend analysis graph
Single button push to make measurements.


Measure the shade of coatings, inks and paint Shade of paints, inks and coatings
Novo Shade Duo measures chalking of paint Chalking of paint
Measure efficiency of detergents and bleach with the Rhopoint Novo Shade Duo Efficiency of detergents and bleaching agents
Rhopoint Novo Shade Duo measures the whiteness recycled paper Whiteness of recycled paper


Novo Shade Duo measures surface cleanliness
Fast measurement of all parameters Automatic calculation of cleanliness on board statistics On-board statistics Novo Shade Duo can quantify the amount of dust on a surface Clear tape is pressed on the measurement surface, torn away and stuck onto white paper – For reference a clean piece of tape is also stuck on the same white paper. Measurements are made of the reference material and then of the tape, cleanliness is calculated automatically.


Novo Shade duo plus measures oxidisation on metals Cleanliness and oxidisation on metal surfaces

Opacity Meter

Rhopoint Novo Shade Duo measures opacity of a coating or film
Fast neasurement of all parameters Automatic calculation of opacity
Novo Shade Duo plus measures film opacity
On-board statistics

How to measure opacity of film with the Rhopoint Novo Shade Duo
Measurements are made over a white substrate and then over a black substrate. Opacity is automatically calculated and displayed.


Measure the hiding power of paints, inks and coatings ?Hiding power of paints, inks and coatings
Measure the transparency of plastic film ?Transparency of plastic film
opacity of paper measured with the Rhopoint Novo-Shade Duo ?Opacity of paper

Instrument Features

Pass / Fail Easy identification and reporting of non-conformances. Pass- fail is an indicator of when surface needs cleaning Rapid data transfer0cdeac4f93df8211903b410f7bcf2828 Software-free data transfer. USB connection to PC instantly recognises the device as a drive location which facilitates the quick transfer of files using Windows Explorer or similar. Direct data input via Bluetooth892122db32fac78ac96bdb8738922dac Instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as MS excel on your PC / tablet / smartphone to greatly simplify the reporting process. 123333394ff5fa00afc337f2aff0db45c8af2b Power3c62e8ffebf9dc993eed4f0591cadce7 20,000 readings per charge. The instrument is rechargeable via USB/PC or mains. Easy Batching (shade mode only) User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting. Operation

  • Full color easy to read screen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • 6 button touch sensitive interface


  • All aluminium construction – enclosure, optics, standard holder
  • Intergrated calibration holder with in-position detector for error free calibration


Rhopoint Novo Shade Duo plus measures shade of a paint

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